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Project Set 4
Ergh, for a long time I was getting a smidge fed up with this set of projects – through no fault of my own (well, maybe a little bit, I’ll admit to 3%) they were taking me forever to finish off.  However, a couple of weeks ago I was hand delivered a brand new 0.25 drafting pen by our lovely house guests and proceeded to bust my ass trying to catch up on everything.  
Anyway, now that it’s all done and dusted I thought I’d share the latest set with you…….drum rolll……….ta da!
1. The hard surfaces of an up and coming fashionable hair dresser salon – I was tempted to fall into the cliché of the default black granite, mirrored walls, lacquered black surfaces blah blah blah option, but decided to go for a more natural and interesting vibe by tapping into one of the big 2011 trends I was going on about a couple of months ago, the ‘au naturel’ look.

2. The construction of our home here in Cayman – this was totally bonkers difficult until a friendly Chartered Surveyor here on island helped out.  Is that cheating?!  Don’t think so, I still did all the work.  And, yes, our home is purple!

3. The redesign of the home office of a wedding planner in the UK.  I decided to avoid the kinda obvious all-white + chandelier + frills option, and go for an eclectic mix of upholstered pieces, slightly rustic oak furnishings with the odd flash of antiqued brass and bronze.  I think I like it and that it’s not tooooo all-over-the-place – would appreciate feedback from any discerning eyes out there. 
So this is the concept (sorry about the sunset light):

The office home sample board:

And the entry way (really long narrow hallway) – you can’t really make it out in the pic but I thought I’d mount full wall distressd mirror work onto one of the long walls to visually widen the space:

Plans and elevations:

Bespoke built in full wall shelving unit, with space for clothes (it’s doubling up as a guest room), a mini kitchenette for serving drinkies to clients, filing and the obligatory-but-dull area for printer, fax machine etc. (please excuse the grubby rug!). 

Lighting plans:

And presentation board:

4. Plans, elevations and sections of our kitchen (a great deal of swearing went into the production of these, let me tell you):

5. And lastly some rather embarrassing drawings.  What the ruddy HELL is wrong with me?!  Why can I not do this, arrrgghhhhhh!  Please don’t laugh too hard…  Ah crap, they’re out of focus – sorry, it was about 3am when I finished these, was quite tired. 

APRIL FOOLS!!!  Ha, no not really sadly, these are actually my best attempt ahem.
Anyway, I have my fingers and toes crossed for good marks!  Now onto set 5……


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