Green ≠ Beam me up Scotty

Not necessarily, anyway…
I am all for the ever-growing eco-conscious design trends of our world today, whether it be using upcycled artwork, reclaimed timber or avoiding nasties like VOCs and plastics in general, but I have to say that green architecture has always left me feeling a bit…um…how to put this?…as if I’m in an episode of Star Trek. 

See what I mean?!  Seriously, they all look like these guys are going to walk out the front door and start beaming up, or whatever they do…

I do have a lot of respect for the people designing these spaces but I would really never ever ever ever ever want to live in one.  Until today, when a friend of mine (thank you Covo!) shared with me this incredible space in Hawaii, the Kona Residence designed by Belzberg Architects.  I’m normally more of a traditional gal when it comes to architecture but this seriously rocks my socks, check it out:

They’ve used reclaimed barn wood and train tracks around the exterior of the property as well as lava rock that already existed onsite – a pretty stunning combo:
They’ve also incorporated a solar power supply, rainwater collection system and natural free-flow ventilation.  All in all a big green thumbs up!
And the interiors ain’t bad either – loving the sleek minimalist lines and the seamless indoor/outdoor transition.

The carved sculptural wood is gorgeous here, especially combined with the structured iron bedframe.

One word: bonkers. 

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