Colourful Cayman

I came across the Cayman based artist Renate Seffer a little while ago in Inside Out, the Cayman Islands interior design magazine, and have been checking back to her website every so often as I am seriously thinking that a couple of her paintings need to scoot themselves onto our walls ASAP.  I guess people’s choice of artwork is probably the most subjective decision there is, and I’m sure lots of you guys won’t dig such contemporary and colourful work, but I have to say it is right up my street!  We have a few paintings from Havana that they would look right at home next to. 
Anyway, here they are, hope you enjoy! 


  1. Thanks for a colourful post! I am a fan of the arts and even I tried my hand on it, I made a few paintings but not that good. But colours are in my life. I like the colours of every thing. I even like the different shades of Cayman furniture, it comes in multi designs to make you a fan of it.

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