Oogling Otomí

So following on last week’s Mexico theme, I think I’ve mentioned before (maybe a few times…) that I am just an eensy bit obsessed with otomí fabric, traditionally crafted by indigenous Otomí communities who live in the state of Hidalgo in central Mexico.  The designs are said to derive from ancient cliff paintings from the Tepehua-Otomí Mountains, and are pretty ruddy gorgeous if you ask me:

A few home inspiration piccies – I am hankering after these headboards people:

But check out this cheat upholstered headboard DIY guide from Design*Sponge, Grace you are a genius:

A few upholstered lovelies – these armchairs need to trot themselves over to my condo immediately:

And these fun benches are from Gilroy and Rathbun:

For any commitment-phobes out there, there are easier ways to incorporate the textile into a scheme:

So onto how to source these beaut’s…the best way I’ve found to get me some of this luurvely stuff is via the Mexican Textiles Museum Store on ebay, which was set up by the Mexican Indigenous Textile Documentation Project, an initiative aiming to “conserve the indigenous textile memory of Mexico” and support the Otomí women’s collective that creates the textiles.  It’s pretty sad actually, reading ther mission statement – the arts of weaving and embroidery are gradually dying out in Mexico as fewer and fewer people wear the indigenous dress.  Hmm, that sounds like another reason to buy 15 bedspreads if you ask me…
Here are my picks of their current offerings (loving the unusual purple one):

They’re all around the US$265-295 mark, which is a significant hike on the price you’d be quoted in Mexico (not surprisingly), but I guess given it’s a charity initiative I won’t bitch about it!  Each piece takes weeks to make too, so it’s good to see the ladies being remunerated properly – I hope most of the cash goes to them.
Alternatively, Jacaranda Home has some lovelies (at suspiciously similar prices – an otomí cartel has formed, it appears):

Ooh, and you could do something super-crafty with these excellent value 1 buck swatches (Miss Kim, tell your crafty friend!):

They also have some other seriously BEAUTIFUL textiles, check them out today please!

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