Moroccan magic

I’ve been looking for an excuse to oogle some Moroccan themed interiors for a while now, and Elle Décor has just provided the perfect opportunity.  This three storey property includes gardens, terraces, a pool and a hammam (nice), and it is just totally bonkers amazing.  It’s making me think I need some more bold bright colour in my life.  And I love how they’ve combined furnishings, accessories and textiles from all over the world with more traditional Moroccan elements and designs.

This is the ground floor sitting room – it incorporates African furnishings and details along with more Moroccan-y aspects such as the eight-pointed star motif fireplace. The rugs and cushions are making me very happy.

This reed-and-wood-beam ceiling/traditional tiling/cabinet screen shaboozle is the bee’s knees.

The main rooftop terrace is just incredible.  The repetition of the pink in the sitting room is awesome, as are the cushions covered in silk saris and African textiles.

And now onto the pool… The textiles in the poolside cabana are just incredible, and there are just no words to describe the pool:

Second-floor terrace, complete with more gorgeous textiles…

And check out these bananas guest bedrooms:

The design of the bathroom gives a nod to traditional Moroccan design with a bathtub and fittings in the shape of an eight-pointed star, and a traditional Islamic design featured in the mirrored wall.

And the design of the master bedroom literally took my breath away – the crazy bed, the mirrored wall, the carved doors, the textiles galore.  One word: wow.

And just check out this shrine to all things Moroccan that was featured in the Florida Design Journal last year – I’m pretty sure I couldn’t speak for about a full 10 minutes after reading this.  The designer, Sean Rush, went to the medinas of Fez and Marrakech with the clients to source most of the furnishings and accessories (amaaaaaaazing!)  – I’ve seen quite a few Morocco-inspired interiors since hitching my towpeg to this interior design bandwagon but the detail and authenticity of this property is simply mind-blowing.
I am going slightly gaga over these lanterns and cushions, and that pool cabana is incredible.

The ceiling/floor symmetry here is pretty effective, and the hand-painted stencilling on the ceiling is insane.  And the oversize floor lantern.  And the double-sided sofa in the living room…

And the hand-painted ‘ticking’ on the walls.  And the antique Spanish bargueño (traveller’s chest) set against the wall (need to get me one of them one day).  And the Moroccan side table.  Oh man, this is emotionally draining.

And every single detail in this dining room is spot on – the dark distressed beams/fiery cayenne wallcoverings are making my knees quiver (ok, well not really, but nearly…).

This vignette is INSANE!!!!

Aha, and he’s nicked my idea about making interesting headboards from antique doors, hmm I think I’ll claim that one.  Ok, chances are he probably didn’t…  Looks fab though, as does everything else – I’m particularly loving the Moroccan armoire (camel bone and copper), Balinese trunk, and floor treatment.

If you can’t just nip over to the real deal authentic medinas, head to the Berber Trading Company to hunt down your own Moroccan gems:

And for all your Eastern tiling requirements, you need to get your butts to St Tropez Boutique:

I’ve also just updated Azulejos baby with some of these puppies – new and improved version available right now!
And they also stock some seriously incredible architectural elements, like these doors, carved frames, decorative ceilings and fireplaces:

Is it possible to fall in love with a door?!  Somehow I seem to have done – not convinced it totally fits in with our Caribbean vibe here, but I reckon I could give it a go:


  1. Sean Rush says:

    Why Hello,
    My name is Sean Rush and I’m the man that makes your knees quiver.LoL
    I deigned the house above that you love. I was just researching antique moroccan ceilings and ran across the ceiling that I painted. Very happy you love the house, I think your comments are V. adorable. Look more at and there are additional pics of the house.

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