Flowers Friday – green fingers

I AM TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH THE WHITE COMPANY!!!!!!!!!  I have 3 year old catalogues that I cannot bear to throw away because the images in them are so gorgeous.  Seriously.  I think I have a problem.
I received an email from The White Company yesterday with the image below, and managed to hold out for about half a second before compulsively clicking on it and then spending about 3 hours staring in awe at my laptop screen…  Yep, a marketer’s dream, that’s me.  Luckily I’m unemployed and broke, so am therefore unable to purchase every single item in stock. 

What did catch my attention though, were the really stonking-beautiful garden accessories they have right now, so I thought that with Spring just around the corner in Blighty, for this week’s FF I would try and inspire some green fingers:

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