Four poster beauties – part 2

Welcome back to part two of my round up of the best images of my current obsession: canopy bed  beauties.  First up today are some bold and bright contemporary schemes.

Loving the quirky pineapple fabric!   Ooh and the gorge one on the blind.

And the unusual canopy here (wicker wicker wicker):

And here are some ideas for the more traditional gals:

Love love love!!!!!

Although it’s not strictly a canopy bed, I’m slightly obsessing over this glam bed frame:

This look doesn’t always require the shelling out of loads of cash buying a new bed frame – Mary MacDonald advises just fastening the valance and canopy straight onto the ceiling s long as it’s not too high, or for a more informal look there are a bunch of canopy shapes that are pretty easy to just string up over a normal bed:

And in case these images have inspired you, here are a few beds you could get your grubby mitts on, some at surprisingly reasonable  prices (click for the link).

Happy zzz’s!

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