Four poster beauties – part 1

I have a huge list of ideas and craziness floating around my head that I’d love to incorporate into Ali and my home one day when we eventually buy a place (which he absolutely just loves me telling him about all the time, ahem…), but I think the absolute number one spot has to go to a four poster/canopy bed.  I. Just. Love. Them.  Especially now that we live in the Caribbean, where they are the quintessential island-style item of furniture.
So I thought I’d do a bit of a round up of these gems – their beauty is that they can fall into practically any style you’re aiming for.  First off I guess we’d better cover the good old monotone (or very nearly) white options, that just rock my world. 
The varied textures and layers in these two images are perfection (loving the gerbera posie).

Add a slipper chaise longue and structured canopy for more classic opulence.

I think this is my fave image of the lot – I’d LOVE to do something similar with an ikat print + white floorboards, distressed metallic lamp with an oversize shade, maybe a slightly thicker canopy fabric, mmmmm.

Simply gorgeous:

And I’m really digging the black/white structured/floaty contrasts here:

Wow. I am such a sucker for white painted distressed floorboards, and the pops of colour really make the whole scheme.

Now on to the rustic options…  The contrast here between the upholstered chaise and iron bed frame is the bee’s knees.

How cute is this???!  Add one iced lemonade and one good book and you’re all set.

A more sedate, serious look (love the brick work and the ornate mirror):

And a light-filled oasis of white – the trunk at the end of the bed is really effective here, but they should paint the floorboards (guess what?)…white.  Ooh, actually or stain them really dark brown. 

And lastly for today, here are a bunch of gorgeously exotic schemes, as I sure do love me some sunshine + mosquito netting – the shape of the canopy here is awe.some…

…as is the structured wood vs. floaty canopy here:

One word: sh-wing.




A new love of mine: butterfly chairs.  Big fan. 

And all this colour is awesome-o – love how the dark wood calms down the scheme.

These two are actually making me whimper:

Yep, you guessed it: I’m quite enjoying the floorboard/wicker trunk combo here…

And this headboard/bedframe is INSANE:

Make sure you stop by tomorrow for part 2!


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