Monday’s Masterpiece – Italian Stallion(ess)

Good morning and welcome to the week!  So I have this big Word document on my laptop that I use to keep track of all the ideas I have for blogging topics as they tend to come in massive flurries and it all gets a smidge disorganised and crazy, and I re-read this one thing I wrote a few weeks ago and the crazy irreverence it shows to one of the biggest name designers in our world today (who I LOVE, by the way – Paola, I very much doubt you’ll read this but mi scusa?) made me start laughing out loud: ‘And that Italian bird with the crazy pots and amazing blue house’.  Hmm, not the best introduction I could have given the legend that is Paola Navone, but I’m pretty sure she will never find out…  Anyway, so even though Paola is strictly more of a product designer than an interior designer, I thought for this week’s Design Legend Post I would share some Italian eye candy with you.
I’ve managed to get hold of images of all three of her homes in Milano, Greece and Paris (jealous of her having three homes in three incredible locations?  Moi?!) and would like you to please take a moment to appreciate their beauty.
First off, Living Etc. featured her Milan apartment a while ago – it was apparently an old decrepit parmesan warehouse until Paola renovated it.  Now although I do think that she’s maybe slightly overdone the whole monotone blue theme, I am drooling over the original beams, liberal use of tiling and gorgeous Asian-inspired textiles and accessories, and generally think it ROCKS – check out these pics:
Next up is her home in the Cyclades Islands in Greece which just happens to have a not-so-shabby view over the Aegean Sea.  The huge emphasis on white is not exactly an innovative or controversial concept for a summer home but is absolutely stunning here combined with the raw stone and wood used throughout the property.  And the ‘carpet’ and ‘rug’ painted onto the floors and terrace are pretty fun.

And lastly her pied-à-terre in Paris, which is a little more quirky and eclectic, although probably my least favourite of the three (weirdly – normally the words-duo ‘quirky’ and ‘eclectic’ are like music to my ears).

So moving on to what she is actually famous for, she’s designed pieces for about two hundred incredible studios, and is currently Artistic Director for Gervasoni.  Her affinity for raw natural materials carries through to the furniture and accessories she designs (which I guess is not a huge surprise) – I’m LOVING all the wicker, wood, cotton and general gorgeousness below.
We’re trying to do up our new terrace at the mo and turn it into an outdoors lounge/dining room/bar/dive shop/yoga studio but unfortunately Cayman does not have the best choice when it comes to buying furniture.  The options seem to be either gorgeous-items-for-one-million-dollars or crappo-yellow-and-pink-flowery-stuff-for-half-a-million-dollars.
Any of these products would do nicely, yes please (spot the tables from her Greek home):
Oh, I’m drooling all over my laptop – these would look SO AWESOME on our terrace…*sigh*.
Another collection she’s designed that is relevant to this blog is the Lando Gingerbread collection, ‘inspired by imaginative Caribbean architecture, where the “gingerbread” style buildings are formed of towers, balustrades and cornices with a fairy tale air’.  I’m not sure about their claim that it’s ‘almost alien’ (huh?!) but it is pretty flipping pretty:

Molto bene!


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