Flowers Friday – Cayman appreciation

I went for my first run in our new neighbourhood last night.  Apart from nearly keeling over in the heat and only narrowly avoiding being eaten by a crazy dog, it was actually quite a pleasant jog (in stark contrast to the insane and traumatic training last year), and it got me thinking that South Sound is, well, just seriously pretty.  I was running along the coastal road towards East End and kept catching glimpses of the sunset in the gaps between the houses and over the stretches of beach, and the light was really soft and gorgeous and there were cute little gingerbread houses and bougainvillea bushes everywhere and basically it was just pretty nice.  Until a crazy dog tried to eat me.  But we’ll skim over that unfortunate episode for the purposes of this post…
Aaaaanyway, I was thinking for this week’s FF I should post some piccies of our new ‘hood so you can see what I am going on about…  Have a happy weekend and see you Monday!

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