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I’m quite irritated with myself: I spent quite a while one day last December wading through all the delectable goodies on the Zara Home website and putting together a hilarious (ok, sort of mildly funny) post, but then got too over-excited at blogging about other things and left it sitting in draft form, and now I want to post about it and all the flipping products are last season, grrrrr.  What a wally.
So I guess what I shall do is keep in the best bits of the old collections (as a LOT of it is still available in the sale, check it out), and then do a mini round up of the exciting newcomers for 2011.
Firstly, the bold Spanish take on clean simple lines, calm white vignettes and bold colourful accents.  I am a huge fan of using a mixture of striped/plain/patterned bed linen in one or two colours, as they have here (and I’m loving that white armchair – not for sale sadly):

This white and platinum combo is just gorgeous – love the metallic accents on the bedside tables and bench next to the upholstered headboard.

The sofa/cowhide rug combo here is quite fun…

There’s something about hot pink and orange that gets me every time.

Just look at all the different textures – LOVE LOVE LOVE!

This table lamp is killing me!  Gorgeous.

These cushions are seriously gorge:

And…here’s my picks of their new collection.


So I’ve picked my fave images from their new catalogue and then found as many of the items as I could (click on the image for pricing info etc.) but frustratingly it seems that half of the products haven’t been released yet – I shall update next month!
It looks like they’re buying into the whole ethnic, colourful trend (*high fiving myself*).

I am drooling over these curtains, but alas cannot find them anywhere.

Ditto this rug…

Ditto most of this tableware…

Helllllllllo leopard print

I *heart* this rug.

…and this bathroom:

I love this entire vignette, but cannot find a single item on the website, hurrumph.

I’m also coveting every single one of these gorgeous boxes and baskets.

And talk about a statement bathroom…

And lastly, I couldn’t resist – cute cute cute cute cute cute!!

I think I’ve mentioned before that I spent a year living in Barcelona and Madrid when I was 20/21 (oh, so long ago!).  During that year, as well as having a lot of awesome experiences, meeting a bunch of great chicks I’m still good friends with (oh, and Alistair!), and developing an alarming taste for tapas (and getting into running as a result – bad calorific content…!), I also managed to develop a weird obsession for all things from Zara and Zara Home, specifically the gold crockery and cutlery sets…(I know, random).  On my way home from work in Madrid, I used to have to walk past about 4 Zara stores – seriously, didn’t stand a chance.
How fabulous do these make the table setting though?!  We’re having a bunch of friends over for dinner tonight, would luuurve to be able to incorporate these into our tablescape – add some candlelight and the gold would glow.

As I mentioned above, they have some pretty big price reductions online right now….tempted?!

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