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I skyped my Mum the other day for a bit of a chit-chat and she was telling me how the weather’s kinda pants over in the UK right now etc., but I was gobsmacked to discover that she and my Dad do not have any trips planned.  I don’t mean any trips booked, I mean just even planned.  Full stop.  Crazy behaviour.  I think that is the number one rule for the UK in January: have an escape planned to somewhere, even if it’s to like Benidorm in November…
So when I saw a feature on the Elle Décor website of the hotels around the world with the best views I thought it might provide some [perhaps-slightly-too-luxurious-but-we-can-all-dream] inspiration.  Prepare yourselves for some serious eye candy.
1. Amandari Resort, Bali

Yikes, ok so they clearly did not pick the best image for the feature…check these out:

2. Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Oh my god, do you seeeeeee this bathroom??!  Take me there immediately!!!!!!!  Please.

3. Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

It does look a smidge like Dr Evil’s lair, no?!

4. J.K. Place, Capri
I flipping LOVE Capri – I spent a month in Italia years ago with a very dear friend while we were students, although I have to admit we were slumming it in campsites (fun!) rather than staying in palaces like this, haha.  Feast your peepers people:

The hawk-eyed among you will remember this A.WESOME scheme from my 2011 trend prediction post…

5. Mondrian South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida.
Wow, this one is seriously cool.

6. Viceroy Santa Monica, Santa Monica

7. Wildflower Hall, Shimla, India

I regret to inform you that the style of this hotel is somewhat misrepresented by this sunlounger/plunge pool/Himlayas pic.  But I guess it’s pretty okay if you’re into a more traditional look – what do you think?

I’m sorry, WTF???!  Has this photo been on the website for 30 years?!  I’m pretty sure it’s older than me.  Not cool.

8. Vedema Resort, Santorini, Greece

Laaaaaaaaaaa! [Sorry, I sometimes make sound effects when viewing astounding images]

Double laaaaaa!

Happy holiday planning!


  1. Alistair says:

    Mmmm, not sure I’d like the price of French Polynesia… So maybe we could postpone me taking you there?! Now seems a little sudden…

  2. Rachel Hails says:

    Good work Elly – you´ve given me holiday envy, not an easy thing to achieve when travelling round the world! French Polynesia – yes please. You know how it´s my birthday soon… ??

  3. Elly Hails says:

    Haha, keep on dreaming sis… Maybe we’ll go together one day when I’m a rich and famous designer and you are a rich and famous as-yet-undecided-please-fill-in-the-blank!
    Hope el Peru is treating you well ma cherie xxx

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