Flowers Friday – pool-arama

I realised, when I came across an article on the Elle Décor website, that I have so far in my ‘blogging career’ totally omitted to post about any form of swimming pool/hot tub action, and figured that any self-respecting Caribbean design blog should really feature a couple of beaut’s for oogling.  See below some absolutely droolworthy l.u.x.u.r.y pools.
What is the deal with this one?!   Seriously, someone has actually created their own mini modernist desert island!

Loving the use of clever lighting here:

Another contemporary look:

I love the starry effect here!  Although they seem to have devoted 100% of the design effort to the bottom of the pool, shame the rest of it is so uggers.

A more traditional approach:
I have no words in my head to describe the awesome-ness of this one…



…and yep!

AMAAAAAZING.  This one is both indoor and outdoor – the fancy wood bit (the technical term) allows you to make the most of summer and winter.  Crazy. 

And lastly one that doesn’t quite make the grade…  Full marks for achieving totally OTT Disney-fied gross status – I keep expecting Mickey or Donald to jump out from behind one of the columns.  Or is that just me?!

Have a happy weekend!

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