Monday’s Masterpiece – colour colour colour!

Good morning and welcome to the week!  I thought I would try and brighten up your Monday morning a little with some fun bright interiors pics.
So one of the main reasons why I started up this blog was to force me to research what’s out there in terms of homewares suppliers, and to start to get a feel for varying levels of workmanship/quality etc. in a logical (or not so much) manner, but I’ve been thinking that I should also spend some time looking into the big name designers in our world today, to start getting an idea of how they developed their signature styles.  I think A LOT of interior designers out there (not naming any names!) tend to copy styles rather than developing their own, but I guess that’s the nature of the business and that’s what makes the difference between the design legends and the lesser mortals.  In saying this by the way, I have no pretensions to becoming a ‘design legend’ – I’m just telling it how I see it.
Aaaanyway, so…..drum roll……..I thought I’d start doing a regular Monday morning post on a big name designer to start to get to know them, and that I would kick off the series with Kathryn Ireland as she is by far the most fun one I’ve come across so far (go the Brits)!  Veranda featured a Spanish Colonial Revival updated by Kathryn a while ago, and it is beeeeautiful.

I think she’s basically kept the walls and main pieces of furniture a neutral off-white, so that all the bonkers colours are concentrated on the textiles and accessories.  I think the thing I love most about this style is that she mixes up so many different patterns (almost all of which seem to be her own textiles, naturally!) which give the property a well-travelled eclectic feel, but manages to stop it from looking too hectic by keeping to one main colour per room, so for instance, red in the living room, brown/beige in the dining room etc.
I seem to have a thing for old school wooden beams paired with exotic-looking pieces like these side tables and the lantern.  Also loving the statement floor lamps and the little posies on the mantel, cute!

The dining room by comparison feels pretty serene and elegant – the paisley/stripe combo on the dining chairs is inspired, and I love the design on the chair legs.  I’m not sure about the spindly chandelier though, I reckon I might go for a more contemporary take here, maybe one of Ochre’s gorgeous fittings (ditto the sconces) as you’d still get the old/new feeling through the beams and more traditional dining table.

The paisley fabric is by Robert Kime by the way, I’m trying to work out how I can get my grubby mitts on a sample…

I love the antique daybed paired with the exotic inlay table in the dressing room, and am really digging the use of pastels + interesting fabrics.

Said interesting fabric is, I think, from the Chelsea Editions range.

I’ve been pondering kitchens lately, and I think I may have come to the conclusion that sleek white kitchens with a few quirky details may be the way to go (but don’t quote me, I change my mind about every three minutes).  So anyway, this is a perfect example – love the slightly antique-y looking drawer in the island.

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous exteriors also – it’s the perfect spot to indulge in some bright prints and patterns.

So, on to the details: Kathryn’s textile range is absolutely amazing (there is no other adjective) – you have no idea how chipper this pic makes me feel, seriously:

And here are a few pics showing the fabrics in context.  I challenge you to not start whimpering.

I’ve realised recently that I am totally in love with paisley.  Seriously, it rocks my world – we shall be seeing more of it this year!

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