Fashion forward – part 1

I have realised over the last few months that there may be an aspect of interior design that will be even more difficult for me to overcome than the rage-inducing torture inflicted by axonometric projection drawings: being fashionable.
Now don’t take this the wrong way – I do have nice clothes (in my opinion) but I am literally the polar opposite of fashionable as I just couldn’t give a flying monkey’s bum about keeping up to date with it all.  The issue I have is that even if I’m totally bananas about the item in fashion (whether it be harem pants or faux fur gilets, or zebra print rugs, ‘sunburst’ mirrors or Barcelona chairs), I get this weird (and very stubborn) refusal to conform to the flock attitude and copy what everyone else is doing.  This is pretty fortunate actually, as living in Cayman makes it fairly hard to keep up with the latest trends without hopping over to Miami 20 times a year. 
However, I realised fairly early on into my interior design adventure that interiors are crazily influenced by fashions, and often what you’ll see strutting down the catwalk ends up in pillow-form or all over your walls before too long, especially given the wave of fashion designers moving into creating homewares lines.  So in an effort to up the trend factor of my work, I’ve been looking into some of the 2011 trend predictions in the land of interiors.  Today we’ll cover colours, and tomorrow specific styles.
The Behr 2011 colour trends palette is chock-a-block full of greys, deep blues, muted purples, various neutrals, and accent colours in sunny yellow and bright rose colours (and other accents I’ve seen predicted elsewhere are magenta, teal and tangerine).

So it turns out that my Moody Blues room scheme from the other week was actually bang on trend!  That’s pretty jammy.  In honour of this most unlikely of events, let’s take a look at the greys and blues we’ll see more of in 2011.
Apparently the full spectrum of grey hues and shades will feature, not only as wall colours but also on textiles and furniture.

Farrow and Ball are releasing nine new paint colours this year (out in Feb), and a very telling third of them are in grey hues:

A few inspiration pics for you:

And it will also be combined with the en vogue accent colours:

Next up are the deep blue colours (I am going BONKERS over the midnight blue living room walls of pics 4, 5 and 6!!!!):



LOOOOOOOOOVE!!!  This design is killing me –  the yellow-green armchairs, the delicate coffee table on the brash zebra stripe rug on the dark wooden floorboards, the patterned cushions and pair of neutral elegant floor lamps…*swoon*.

And with some fun accents:

Make sure you stop by tomorrow for the style predictions!


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