Happy New Year

I was intending to start off the year with a happy upbeat post about something design-y and fabulous, but have found my thoughts turned to very much more sobering issues over the last week or so. Over the festive period, tragically three people we know died very very young. It’s such a devastating thing to happen at any time, but just seems even worse given the timing.
I’m sure none of their families or close friends will read this anyway, but I’m not going to blab on about it here or go into details as it just seems disrespectful and flippant to do so on such a shallow and silly blog. But my thoughts are with all the families and people impacted.
I guess when it happens to someone in your life it really brings it home that life is short, and that we really do have to make the most of what we have, and stop getting wrapped up in ridiculously trivial ‘problems’ as I certainly do have a stupid tendency to do. From speaking with friends I think it’s actually quite a common problem for women in particular: to beat yourself up for not being the perfect daughter/sister/friend/wife/mother 100% of the time and for not managing to keep all the work/family/friends/home juggling balls up in the air constantly, while also looking like a supermodel…
Maybe we should all add on to our New Year’s Resolutions list the aim of trying to give ourselves a break once in a while and to keep in mind what’s really important in life, rather than worrying about the course taking a few more months than planned to finish, or about whether many people will come over for pre-beach drinkies on New Year’s Eve (both of which were top of my list recently – ridiculous, I know).
Happy 2011 everyone, I wish you all a very happy, sunny and healthy year.

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