2010 wrap up

So here we are folks, Christmas Eve 2010 – how crazy fast has this year flown by?!  Or is it just me?  Seriously, at this rate I’m going to be 85 years old before I know it.
Anyway, I have decided to take the festive week off to spend with la famille while they’re over here so I’ll next see you in 2011!  I thought I’d wrap up the year with a quick ‘high/low’ sesh – I was looking through some FB pics the other day and realised that it’s been a pretty formative year for me, all things considered, so please permit me this slight digression from design chat.
So first off, I guess the biggest High: finally moving my ass to Cayman, at which point normal life resumed!

Which, sadly, gave rise to the biggest Low: missing my familia and old friends ALL YEAR.

However, the next High: making some new ones!

Another High: getting to experience some truly incredible places.

With an associated Low: having to run an entire marathon while I was on holiday…(what was I thinking?!).

The last Low: realising that I’d made the biggest mistake of my life soon after joining the firm I moved to in Cayman (no pics of this one fortunately…!).
Which led to my last High: thinking ‘You know what?  Bugger this profession, I’m going to make my living doing something fun for a change’ and taking the (potentially still catastrophic) plunge into interior design.  I’d like to send out some BIG BIG thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement this year in doing something that, frankly, still terrifies me.  Even if you were lying through your teeth and secretly thinking I’ll never make another dime ever again, I very much appreciate you not telling me…   
MERRY CHRISTMAS dear readers, and a very very Happy New Year to you – I have a feeling 2011’s going to be a corker.


  1. Sarah Charnaud says:

    I love that you’ve looked back over the year, maybe I should to get a bit happier on the first day back in the no-natural-light-cos they-put-up-boardings office! This is seriously the ugliest work place ever just now, could do with your lightening up touch!

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