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Ladies and gentlemen, in honour of three quarters of my family successfully arriving here in Cayman last night, I would like to tell you a story.  Please make yourselves comfortable. 
I am currently 27 years old.  This is obviously not the oldest and wisest I will ever be, but I thought for a very long time that I was at least over the age when people would feel able to take the mick out of me for being a redhead (or a ‘ginga’, ‘carrot-top’ or ‘Ginger Spice’ as I have also very frequently been called in the past).  Sadly, and in a slightly comically pathetic manner, I realised that I am indeed still in the ginger-name-calling zone when a delightful person pointed this out to me recently on FB. 
Now I probably shouldn’t let my Mum read this today because if she does the person in question is in BIG TROUBLE.  Having raised two redheaded daughters and one red-bearded son, she is wont to commence some hell-raising if anyone tries to take such a lame and easy potshot at any of us, and has been known to write some very strongly worded letters to the national press on such matters.  ANYWAY, this story has a point (thank goodness, I hear you cry)…I came across this pic when my sister uploaded it as her FB profile pic, and it literally made me start giggling out loud: 

I mean seriously, we need all the help we can get.  Wow, this is hilarious!  Read this:
I particularly like the photos entitled ‘woman/man with red hair’, just in case you had no idea what our species looked like.  And I had no idea there was an entire festival for redheads, I may be there next year.
Anyway………so the card above was created by a British artist called Edward Monkton who has created an absolutely huge range of just hilarious greeting cards and other (mainly pretty tacky) merchandise.  It got me thinking though, a collection of framed cards would be a fantastic whimsical art display, maybe in a nursery or play room – the black and white ones would look fab in a bunch of quite chunky black frames.
Check these out, I hope they brighten up your day (sorry, I’ve uploaded quite a few – couldn’t help myself…or stop sniggering).

Haha, I’m pretty sure I bought this card for Ali a few years ago:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Have a good day!

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