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Crumbs, so I have been in suspense since Friday re: whether I am going to be stranded in Cayman sola for Crimbo but I think my family are currently mid-Atlantic on their way here…  I hope so!  Unfortunately miniest Hails will arrive a smidge late, but I can think of worse places to spend Christmas than Miami Beach!  We shall double celebrate on Boxing Day when you arrive Raccy, don’t panic!  Sorry, personal interlude over (I’m a bit over-excited about seeing them this afternoon!)…
Aaaanyway, I was flicking through the House Beautiful website the other day, looking for some Christmas tree vignettes (that I swear they feature in the print version, think I must be going crazy) when my eyes practically popped out of my head upon seeing this property.
The designer, Thomas Hamel, describes himself as a ‘cross-pollinator’ of ‘international eclecticism’ – apart from it making him sound like a bumble bee, I think that’s actually a pretty good description, and I think you’ll agree once you’ve had a good oogle at this house.
So, let’s get on with the tour.  Firstly, the clients wanted the master bedroom to have a Moroccan feel to it. I am seriously coveting this headboard, it’s stunning and was designed by Hamel himself.  The ottoman/rug/chest combo is gorgeous also (and that bone inlay chest has 2 TVs inside – pretty smart, I think my number one hate is when massive monstrous TVs ruin a gorgeously designed room).

 The contrast here between the light floaty window treatment and structural fireplace is spot on.  And the Mali Stripe fabric from Jasper on the upholstery is perfection.
And I love the latticework leading to the dressing room:

Next up are the hall and living room.  This property could literally be a tutorial on how to pair up contrasting design elements to beautiful effect – these vintage sconces and African mud pots are a great example.  And by keeping the rest of the vignette super neutral and calming, he doesn’t overpower you with too many details and focuses your attention on the sconce/pot combo.
The living room and study are kept looking balanced despite the crazy mixture of shapes, texture and influences, by using repetitive colours and lots of neutrals.  I love the Afghan rug in the living room and the Moroccan-style ottomans in the study, although I’m not sure about the shell-encrusted mirror…

I love the impact of the wraparound banquette and exotic cushions.  And the steel/mirrored frame over the fireplace is hiding the TV: another genius idea.

The pendant lights in the kitchen are bonkers!  I just did something pretty similar actually in one of my current set of projects, using varied-but-related pendant shapes, although they’re all the same height…hmm, maybe I shall amend! 
And the India-inspired fretwork sliding doors separating the kitchen from the dining area are INCREDIBLE paired with the contemporary chandeliers.

And how’s this for a super-soothing limestone/granite bathroom:

Next up are the outdoors spaces.  This scene is a smidge too neutral for my taste, but I am digging the ceramic table base.

These pool vignettes are AWESOME – I’m loving the Dedon Marrakech dining chairs.

And what a spot for some downtime: a rope-suspended daybed swinging under an opening in the roof so you can stargaze at night time.  Yes please.  Also luuurve that antiqued Chinese garden stool.

Ok, I have a crazy amount of things to do today in preparation for family Hails arriving and eight hours to do it…wish me luck!

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