Al fresco fun!

I am currently being inundated with emails and FB updates regarding snowman construction, what happens to the insides of cars when they are repeatedly frozen, stories about much hilarity caused by slipping on ice on the way to work, and just the current arctic conditions back home in general…  So I thought I would try and thaw people out with some pics of gorgeous summertime terrace vignettes courtesy of Architectural Digest and House Beautiful – let me know what you think!
Ahh, rattan and wicker, *sigh*…

These summery nautical stripes are the bee’s knees.  And just imagine having this as your view as you sip your G&T – ok, it’s 9am, too early to be thinking about G&T’s!

LOVE this sun sail look: 

What an incredible fireplace – yes please:

This would be one serene spot for some summertime relaxation – I think the pops of bright white keep it from looking too same-y.

And what a BEAUTIFUL little terrace nook in the city – the extravagant ironwork on the chairs contrasts perfectly with the structure of the surrounding buildings.

I love this scene, especially the distressed stools set against the stainless steel units.  It’s a perfect spot for a herb garden too!

And this is just gorgeous – the red repeats, the varying textures and structural notes, just perfect.  Those bone inlay chairs are killing me!

I’m getting a little obsessed with coloured glass table and pendant lamps right now, Ochre has a GORGEOUS pendant light in a lavender shade at the moment.  This one works so well here at focusing the eye in the space between the beadboard panelling ceiling and the sisal rug on the floor.

This modern space is perfection – the black accents just make the whole scene, and I’m loving the higgeldy piggledy gallery wall.

Bold colours, interesting fabrics and an Eastern lantern…?  Nah, don’t really like it, it’s not my kinda thing to be honest…haha.

Awesome awesome awesome sun loungers – I’ve often wondered why people go for boring off-white all the time…

I like the floor/ceiling symmetry here, pretty effective at drawing the eye to the view outside. 

Love love love:

These cushion fabrics could literally not be more up my street.  Awesome landscaping, awesome firepace, awesome side table.  That’s all I have to say.

This day bed construction is incredible! 

Another super-soothing spot:

I am a huge fan of dark rattan furniture – pairing it with these white full length drapes is genius.  And how’s that for a view?!

Loving this more rustic look:

And this more classical traditional one:

OH MY GOODNESS – check out the plant pot chandelier!  I have got to get my grubby mitts on one of these…!  What an incredible setting for a dinner soirée.

And, to finish with, perhaps the perfect spot for curling up with a good book…


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