Beach house + crazy colour

It has been brought to my attention that, for a blog purporting to be about ‘Caribbean Interior Design and Travel’, I have not done much blogging recently on either topic…  So I thought I’d do a token beach house post to start to remedy this!  This incredible Californian beach house was designed by Krista Ewart and featured in House Beautiful. 
I guess you must have realised by now that I have a massive soft spot for BIG, BRIGHT, CRAZY in your face colours, and seeing these pictures made my day!  It’s definitely very effective balancing out the bonkers colour with lots of white walls, furniture etc.  And I love how she just smashes the colour wheel to smithereens and groups basically any colours together.  Although actually the red/pink and green combo in the living room is sort of sticking to the rules a smidge I guess.
Anyway, enjoy the pics! 

This fun take on the popular zebra print rug is fab!

I am an absolutely huge fan of Mexican otomi fabric – it is SO expensive to buy in the Western world yet so cheap cheap cheap in Mejico, I’m still totally kicking myself for not chucking out all my belongings in my rucksack and replacing them with rolls of it!  And it works beautifully here with the white scheme and upholstered seat pads.

Crazy crazy colour…love it!

Yep yep yep, green and pink may just be my new favourite colour combo… 

Or maybe blue, pink and red…

Huh, and the navy/pink/orange combo ain’t bad either!

More gorgeous colourful prints, perfectly complemented by the structured chair design.


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