Real estate reverie

We are house hunting right now here in Cayman and I thought I would post some pics of one of the properties we’ve been looking at (ha).  Castillo Caribe is on the market for a cheeky $60 mill – this is what I looked like while perusing the photos on Sotheby’s:

Really?!  ‘For every lifestyle’?!  I’m not sure my ‘lifestyle’ stretches to this.
The ‘Great Room’ – there are literally no words…

 The dining room’s kinda gross actually – incredible chandies though.

Can you even imagine waking up in one of these bedrooms every morning?!

By this point I was actually nearly sobbing.

Wow, what I would do with this terrace if I had the chance:

This room puzzles me: they’ve got a lot of the elements bang on, but have managed (in my opinion) to just totally misjudge the overall effect and turn it into a big dog’s dinner.  I think it’s the floortiles and the coloured ceiling panels.  Actually, even if you just replaced the tiles with dark wood floorboards it would help I think, or maybe keep the terracotta tiles but lose the crazy purple on the ceiling.  However, I (predictably) LOVE the Persian rugs/ikat and velvet upholstery/lanterns/Asian carved side tables…

Not a bad spot for a fiesta or two:

And the floorplan is just killing me:

I wonder if I could find 119 other people to chip in and buy it, there’s probably space for everyone haha…  Ok, back to the real world (*sigh*).

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