Pop-up bazaar

If you do one thing in your lunch break today, please make it this: check out Serena and Lily’s online pop-up store.  It’s only on until Thursday but they have some gooorgeous items for sale that they’ve picked up all over the world!  Check these puppies out:
And they have some really fun artwork and other accessories:

I’m assuming it’s not just me that’s turned green with envy?!  Talk about a dream job…
They also have a gorgeous range of furniture, bedding etc. available online.

And some FABULOUS décor pieces:

It is a bit of a racket though to be honest. They’re selling these lanterns for $595 – we’ve been to San Miguel de Allende in Mejico (where these are from, and where we bought waaay too many homewares!), and I reckon these would cost a maximum of $50 to buy…not a bad profit margin!

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