WIP: colour schemes

So I have been a very busy bee this week working on my third set of projects, and thought I would do a quick sneak peek of my work in progress!  First up are six colour schemes I had to put together for various rooms (I’m now trying to write the report justifying the use of colour in each using colour theory….umm, well there was no colour theory used to be honest, I just thought they looked good – quick, make something up!).  Anyway, here they are:

One pretty embarrassing thing occurred during their creation – picture the scene: I’ve just discovered an awesome old Fleetwood Mac album on my iTunes (‘Thrown Down’ may actually be their best song of all time) – I know I know, they’re kinda old, please blame my Dad not me – and I’m having a bit of a boogie sola in my kitchen while singing, sellotaping, cutting, sticking etc. (easier than it sounds…), having a ball in general (and thinking ‘ha, I may be an impoverished student again but at least I’m not stuck in that horrible horrible job anymore’), then turning my head ever so slightly to the right to discover two tourists staring at me from the pool and laughing.  Hmm, oops…turns out living on the ground floor is not always a good thing.  It was fun though anyway!  Ha, and I’ve just found a use for that sign:

Everything else is a WIP right now, will post an update soon…

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