Painting NYC red

Happy December 1st everybody!!  I always love December 1st, it marks the you-are-now-officially-allowed-to-purchase-your-Christmas-tree-and-start-thinking-about-Crimbles-in-general season, which I am a very big fan of!!  I hear there’s 6 inches of snow back home – what could be better on December 1st?!  This is a pic of our backyard right now – nice but not very festive, haha (sorry Brits, couldn’t resist…).

Anyway, I thought I’d do the last few comments on our hol in the States today – just wanted to post some pics of a few of the places we went out to at night as they were pretty design-y and cool!
Firstly, the roof top bar of the Peninsula Hotel where we were taken by some of Alistair’s colleagues.  All I can say is: a) awesome Eastern vibe (loving the carved wood detail and exotic lanterns); b) killer martinis; and c) we shall be returning one summer when we can enjoy the al fresco view over the midtown skyline!

Next in line is Jeffreys in the West Village.  I was pretty proud of this discovery actually.  I’ve realised since moving over to Cayman that, long term at least, I’m definitely a city kinda girl.  One of the things I most miss about London is catching up with a bunch of girlfriends while checking out a new restaurant/bar/market-y type affair, and not only did this place tick all three boxes, it reeeally reminded me of this place in Notting Hill we used to go to back in the day… (*mega-sigh*).  AND, it turned out it’s brand new so it made us feel as if we’re down with the kids (I can’t believe I just used the phrase ‘down with the kids’ – I think that very usage very succinctly proves that, in fact, I am not).   Anyway, was loving the chalkboards/original tin ceiling/interesting pendant lights/wooden barrels everywhere, and they have a killer wine list also…
I became really interested in tin ceilings actually, while we were out there – it’s a uniquely North American concept I think, became really fashionable in the 1800s, and were originally used to imitate the moulded plasterwork in wealthy households.  They seem to be enjoying a bit of a renaissance right now, both in domestic and commercial environments, and I think they definitely add another element of ping to a room, as long as you do it correctly.  More info here!  

Next up is the Spice Market, where we went on our last night.  Now I’m pretty sure that this place is a bit of a cliché and that eeeeveryone who frequents NYC goes here daaaaarling, but I was pretty much gobsmacked by the décor (which I can safely inform you does not happen very often) so thought it would be worth shoving in this post.  I read somewhere that the carvings, screens, pagodas, and other artifacts are from India, Burma, and Malaysia.  Ok it’s happening again, words are literally failing me!  Feast your eyes peeps…

And how gorgeous are these private dining room areas?!  Love them – would be perfect for a birthday celebration or something – must remember this for when we return to NYC! I’d love to design an alcove off a living room or kitchen, using a low banquette and bench seating like these, with plenty of Eastern-inspired cushions, light fittings and carvings.

Unsurprisingly I’ve been unable to find a photo of the loos!  I really wanted to record the cool design of the washstands though – gorgeous antiqued brass taps in a crazy oriental design, really interesting…
The décor in general really reminded me of a couple of oriental antique shops/markets that I’ve stumbled across recently – think I’ll blog about them next week, can’t stop thinking about them! 
In the Meatpacking District we also went to Buddakan for after-dinner drinks.  I had pretty high expectations of this one after it featured in the SATC film, and was (accordingly) a smidge disappointed.  I did really love the detail of the carved wood screens though.  And the contrast with the chandies.  And the plasterwork moulding on the walls.  Ok, maybe it was quite cool after all!

And lastly we ate at Extra Virgin in the West Village one night, which was really awesome – gorgeous décor and excellent cuisine!  Exposed brickwork gets me every time, and I liked the contrast of the more contemporary bar area (spot the tin ceiling!) with the rest of the restaurant.

Ok, I’m off to dig out the Crimbles decorations…have a fab day!


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