Lofty living – part one

Since we got back to Cayman I’ve been spending some time looking into loft design, a concept I’ve not come into contact with previously.  It’s an area of design very much associated with living in large cities and given I’ve been missing le city life, I think it’s about time I introduced myself.  So, what better way to do that than feature a bunch of beautifully designed contrasting lofts from my favourite cities around the world. The common themes across them are the insane amount of light let in by huge windows, the incredible feeling of spaciousness provided by crazy high ceilings and an open-plan set up, and just a general feeling of ‘coolness’! 
The number one spot has to go to my hometown, London.  In Shoreditch a former garment factory has been recycled into this cosy but edgy family home. I love the use of wood and splashes of colour that warm up the space and add interest to the ubiquitous grey finishes throughout. And I just can’t get over the amount of light that’s splashing around the place – this is in London remember, the grey-and-overcast capital of the world…

This sliding door detail is fantastic – love the inventiveness:

Next comes my second favourite: Madrid, city-of-much-fun-and-very-very-little-sleep!  I luuurve the liberal use of white and vintage pieces in the loft, they set off the artwork perfectly. This is my favourite of the lofts I’ve featured actually – I think I’d get too bogged down in the greyness of the one above. I wonder whereabouts in the city this is, it’s about 400 times bigger than any flat I saw there.

Buenos Aires


I adore this city – it feels like Europe but with an extra kick to it, and is the gateway to the increíble Patagonia!  This loft is actually a rental for touristas and is in my favourite area of the city, San Telmo – hmm, maybe we should go stay…? I love the exposed brickwork and the transparent walkway upstairs.  I have to admit though, there’s not a massive amount of natural light flooding in.

New York City
Next up are two lofts in New York City, as I could not decide between them!  Firstly, a cinema has been turned into a gorgeous and serene art-filled loft.  The use of plants to soften the space and provide stark visual contrast with the steel and concrete is pretty smart.

And I can’t get enough of the design of the whole of this next space – the vintage-style chests, the bendy lamp (technical term – actually, I’ve meaning to find out what the name of these are…aha: Arco Floor Lamps), the mix of brown columns and beams with the white backdrop, the interesting mix of furniture styles, the original tin roof…etc etc etc.

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow!

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