Beacon Hill beauties

Ugh, ok being ill is rubbish and boring and I refuse to lie in bed any longer, I have things to get done!  Firstly, update le blog, secondly, do some flipping work!
So, holiday pics-wise, we are now on to the last place on our itinerary, you will be pleased to hear: Boston, where we stayed for two nights.  It was a really fun weekend – we saw an ice hockey game, surprise Kings of Leon gig (as in, we had no idea they were in town until one hour before it started when our waiter told us (quickest meal of all time ensued), but it was AWESOME!), lots of old classic pubs and bars, ermm, Quincy Market was cool, but I don’t have much to report design-wise to be honest, apart from the sleek contemporary hotel we stayed in, the Copley Square Hotel.  I was loving the statement light fixture in the lounge:

And the room had a classic (kinda boring) sleek masculine feel:

It is a nice city but I guess anywhere’s going to have hard job competing with NYC.  Actually, we did head up to Beacon Hill and have a gander at the famous ‘brownstones’ (which, rather confusingly, seemed to be largely red brick…) up there (plus more pumpkins – cue groan from Alistair):


And the Kings of Leon gig on the last night! We couldn’t get tickets for the bottom area bit (I’m sure there’s a better phrase than that…) unfortunately, but it was still pretty cool up in the high seats.

And here end the holiday snaps you will be glad to hear!  More design content coming your way pronto.

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