Industrial chic rocks!

Bleurgh, I’m ill, this sucks.  I was raring to get on with my third set of projects today but have been struck down and bedridden by a particularly gross cold which is looking suspiciously like it’s going to turn into the flu – dammit, I always catch the flu, thought I’d be safe from it over here in the sunshine!  On the upside though, it’s the perfect excuse to catch up on the new issue of Rue magazine, so at least it’s not been a total waste of a day. 
So you know I mentioned the ‘industrial chic’ style of NY’s Chelsea Market yesterday, well one feature in the magazine really grabbed my attention: the studio of Kelley Moore, a Lifestyle Expert (what does that even mean?!  Who cares, she has a gorgeous office) in Seattle.  It’s obviously more ‘chic’ than ‘industrial’ (especially compared with the images from yesterday) but I love the contrast of the lavish furnishings with the starkness of the beams and exposed brickwork.
Kelley also gives the following tips on how to make your workspace ‘lifestyle-driven’, which I reckon are pretty good ideas actually:
– Include items you’ve collected from your travels for a conversation starter with clients;
– Bring your favourite décor pieces to the office so you can enjoy them all day long;
– Incorporate a bar into your space so you have something to offer people who stop by;
– Create an area that inspires you to reflect and gets your creative energy going; and
– Get fabric-covered boxes for a stylish solution to staying tidy and organised.
Ok, time for another Lemsip I think, enjoy the pics!

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