Literary excitement in Cayman

Ok, so before I launch into my tirade about how much the marathon sucked (and also how incredible NYC is), I wanted to tell you about the most exciting thing that’s happened in Cayman ALL YEAR!!  [Warning: geek alarm is sounding]  Salman frigging Rushdie came to see us on Friday night!!!!  I LOVE HIM, he’s literally one of my top three fave authors, so imagine my slightly manic excitement on Friday at 5pm when we heard he was doing a reading from his new book in two hours’ time, just down the road from our habitual happy hour drinkies spot in Camana Bay.  Oh my goodness me, it was fantastic!  I wasn’t really sure what to expect, thought he might be a smidge pompous given that he’s one of the most successful authors of our time, but he could not have been more delightful, funny and engaging.  Quote of the evening: ‘I’ve always wanted to have a magic carpet in one of my books, and now I’ve finally done it’ – LOVE IT. 
Here is our photo of Salman Rushdie:

It’s a cracker hey?  I was trying to convey the feeling of his whimsical and fun style of writing with the blurry focus…ahem. 

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