Projects numero dos

I am very pleased to announce that I have finally finished my second set of projects and handed them in last week in London (after hauling them around in the rain for about 6 hours – hmm, that’s why I left the country…).  Quick sneak peek below, please cross your fingers for good marks!
So here is the concept board and sample board for an island-style living room:

Here’s a sample board for a totally gross scheme I had to put together (it was the colour matching that mattered, not the quality of the scheme – I hope anyway, or else I’m in trouble…):

One design and sample board for a bed treatment (I’m pretty embarrassed about the crappo drawing but it’s as good as I can do right now…it deffo resembles a 6 year old’s attempt, ahem):

And finally one frigging-difficult-to-draw-and-ink bathroom plan, and my first lighting plan, eek:

Fingers crossed, fingers crossed…

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