Flowers Friday – flower market crush

One of my favourite things to do in London is head to Columbia Road Flower Market on a Sunday morning with some friends, and then grab breakfast at Spitalfields market down the road afterwards. I love that you’ll be walking through gritty Shoreditch surrounded by graffiti, ancient buildings and um rubbish and then you just stumble across a gorgeous flower market.  On this trip, I was totally running out of time and just managed to take a trip up there sola (sniff!) the last Sunday before lunch en famille, but thought I’d share these pics…

There are also a bunch of awesome design and furnishings shops along the road.  People always massively rave about Two Columbia Road but I have to say I found it pretty dull…  There were lots of Art Deco-type pieces but it really wasn’t that inspiring – basically lots of boring wood tables.   However, these two are lots of fun – check them out people, lots of gems to be found (although I have to admit they are very similar to the style I’ve been writing about for the rest of this week!  Must make an effort to avoid cottagey vintage style for a while…!).

And I will definitely be frequenting this eatery on my next visit!  Mmm mm mm (sorry, have been eating an obscene amount recently with my marathon training, am getting a smidge obsessed (not good)).

Speaking of marathons, we’re off to NYC right now so I’ll miss more blogging next week apols – back soon though, and wish me luck please! 
(Last ditch attempt at raising some more money – please please please drink two fewer pints / cocktails this weekend and donate the $10 you save to UNICEF – you’ll save 60 kiddies!…fid=17150
Thank you and have a fab weekend!)

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