Somerset shenanigans

So you’ll be relieved to see I’m returning to the shallow stuff now…
Ok, more countryside capers today, down in Somerset this time – think gorgeous old country cottage, another big roaring fire, lots of walking and MUD, charades, mulled wine and way too much ‘purple’ (don’t ask).

And a few pics of our megathon walk (all very sensible and mature until we discovered the scrumpy farm…!):


Look, it was really good scrumpy, ok?!

Firewood collection duties…

…for an evening of marshmellow melting…

…and party hats (not totally sure about the logic behind this one):

I wish I could say that it was unfortunate that the sole photo I have of this upholstered chair involves some very dramatic charades moves, but I actually think it’s hilarious (haha, sorry Axel, you’re famous – well, to the 30 people who read this anyway!) – really chuffing nice chair though, I loved the mix of slightly contemporary furnishings with the old school cottagey interiors.  And please excuse that entire side table full of booze…

Speaking of antique and vintage countryside-y furnishings, I came across this incredible antiques shop in Fulham last month, Maison Artefact.  I’ve seen it described as “18th to 20th century Swedish & French pieces, including chandeliers, foxed mercury mirrors, stoneware, metal pieces and an eclectic mix of objets trouvés”, which sums it up pretty well!  They unfortunately don’t have a website yet so I can’t post any interesting pics, but any Londoners interested in this style should definitely check it out.
The magazine Period Living has some fantastic content on cottage design – check them out for inspired vignettes, buyer’s guides and renovation advice.

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