Campaign: Save a Kiddiewinkle

Oh it’s raining again…what’s the deal with hurricane season, seriously??  It is one ginormous pain in the bum.  I am not feeling enormously inspired today, I have to admit.  On the upside though actually, it’ll be a good day for a run.  I’m (ridiculously) running the New York marathon on Sunday…
(Cue totally shameless self-serving blog use) 
And here, just purely by chance, is a link to my fundraising page for UNICEF, ta da!

If you have even just a spare $10 to donate to little kiddiewinkles around the world, you would be doing a very very good deed by donating today.  Over 22,000 of them die every single day from preventable causes such as malaria, bad water, HIV and poor nutrition, UNICEF is aiming to bring that number down to a big fat zero, and I am trying to help out!  If you think about it hard for approximately 5 seconds, I reckon most people would likely forego their pint of beer/triple caramel vanilla crazy macchiato contraption today and donate just a smidge to a really really worthy cause – and be ever so slightly healthier for it also, haha.
Here’s a list of things that can be easily bought to help these little kiddies:
– $6 pays for one long-lasting insecticidal mosquito net, protecting children from malaria, the disease that kills one child in Africa every 30 seconds.
– $20 pays for a first aid kit, so that anyone can treat or dress a range of minor ailments, preventing infections which can easily lead to life-threatening conditions.
– $50 pays for 300 doses of the measles vaccine, protecting 300 children from this disease we in the West don’t even think twice about.
– $100 pays for an HIV test kit, which would allow 100 mothers-to-be to take the first step to prevent the spread of mother-to-child HIV.
– $250 pays for a school-in-a-box kit which would give 40 children temporary schooling after an emergency situation.
– And $500 pays for a water pump which would keep an entire community safe from deadly waterborne diseases indefinitely.
And a few reasons why I would really appreciate a donation please:
1. This is, in my humble opinion, literally the best charity in the entire world.  Last year I ran the London marathon for another charity based in the UK which, although also very worthy, came not even within sniffing distance of UNICEF.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time in developing countries around the world (as I’m sure many of you have also) and it is just heartbreaking seeing what millions of children have to put up with every single day – especially if you compare it to the privileged lifestyle that we have here in Cayman or back home in the UK.  Sorry to get all gushy, but it’s something that I feel really really strongly about.
2. You will get to bounce around all day (or all week, depending on the size of the donation!) feeling very happy and self-righteous about having done a great deed.
3. The trip is totally self-funded (ie. flight, accommodation etc.) from my non-existent salary, so every single penny/cent of your donation will directly go towards the appeal.
4. It is FRICKING ROASTING here right now and every single time I go for a run I feel like I’m about to have a heart attack…it has been ‘interesting’ to say the least (I’m going for the sympathy vote here).
Lastly, I thought I would attach this short video clip by UNICEF as it expresses waaaay better than I ever could the importance of this appeal and the direct and almost immediate impact that your donation could have on a child in need somewhere in the world.
Thank you, I appreciate it very much.  Guilt trip over and have a great day!

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