Hawaii bound

I have to admit it, I’m pretty ignorant about Hawaii – all I know is that: a) there are volcanoes there; b) it is pretty; and c) surf’s up, dude.  However, after reading an article in the October edition of Architectural Digest, I must say I intend to learn some more, preferably on a personal basis.
Need I say anything more on the subject?!  Nope, didn’t think so.  But I will anyway.  Look how absolutely awesome McAwesome-o it is (as I believe the yanks say) (sorry, got taught that this weekend, thought I’d give it a whirl…).

So they basically took a normal (well, AMAZING, but technically ‘normal’) property and split it up over the grounds into the different rooms, so for instance there is a separate dining pavilion, guest living pavilion, recreational pavilion, children’s pavilion and master bedroom pavilion.  The idea was to really focus attention on the grounds and gardens when moving around the property, which I think we can safely say they achieved…
From the natural koa-wood furniture (eg. bed) and Bali-inspired ceilings and furniture, to the pool/fire pit combo, I am just totally blown over.  Also, if your kids are getting really irritating, why not just pack them off to their own little house, haha. 
I was also blown over by this house in Mexico in the same magazine.  How’s this for a beachfront infinity pool?!

I really love the mix of contemporary architecture with the slightly more traditional furniture in natural woods, leathers and linens.  You can’t really make it out in this pic, but I also love the continuation of the ‘latilla’ ceiling through to the terrace – it makes the space feel even bigger and airier.

The gorgeous orange shades were an inspired choice, they contrast beautifully with the ocean.  I love the alcoves on the right – think that’s a traditional design quirk in Mexico.

Very very serene Morocco-inspired bedroom – love the tiling behind the bed and around the fire, but think it could do with maybe one more colour to add a bit more interest (just in my humble opinion!).

I have to say I’m not particularly inspired by this room, except that I LOVE the light fixture – what a great focal point for dinner parties etc.  Also quite like the dining chairs…

And check out this spa on the terrace leading off the master bedroom.  I literally cannot imagine a more relaxing end to the day (which, in itself, can’t have been too stressful living in this house!).  Yes please.

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