Too cutesy…?

In the UK, Cath Kidston is pretty much synonymous with cutesy, cottagey, slight-too-pink-and-flowery homewares, but seeing the interiors of her home in the recent Lonny magazine was actually a very pleasant surprise.  She does have a certain amount of gag-reflex-inducing floral stuff (which I mostly haven’t copied here as I don’t like it!) but it’s pretty much balanced out by the use of bold block colours (although I’m not sure about the off-red in the living room) plain wooden floorboards and pieces of furniture, and lots and lots of white.

I love everything about this vignette apart from the wall colour…!

And I really like the mix of styles and colours used here:

I guess the dining/sun room could not be more different to her usual style…  I’d definitely add some more interest to this room though – contrasting blinds, rugs etc.

I like the simple yet stylish bedroom, especially the use of various patterned fabrics in a uniform red.

And the bathroom is just perfect – I’m stuck in a bit of a dilemma re bathrooms right now: bright fresh white vs. colourful and quirky…

She also makes excellent tea pots!

Ooh, and this radio is the bee’s knees:

Aah, and this cake stand is nice too – ok, I seem to in fact not be immune to the cutesy stuff…

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