Inspired furnishings

I came across the supplier Wisteria the other day, when my eye was caught by some gorgeous exotic-looking items in Lonny (I think I may have slightly overdone the whole exotic/suzani/ethnic look in the last couple of weeks – must diversify my tastes!).  I had a look at their website and was actually really impressed with their range. Check out these beauties:

Loving these upholstery gems:

These would be so cute in a kiddie’s room:

I also love the dark wood items they stock:

Few more bits and bobs…

Really really gorgeous mirrors – would look incredible over a fireplace:

More fantastic Spanish-style ceramics…

…and some great statement rugs

These would be pretty cute in a beach house:

They also stock some distressingly ugly things –  I’m curious to know exactly how many of these skull candles and army dolls have been sold…

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