Beach house inspiration

I’ve been getting very into beach houses recently, I guess due to the big emphasis on them in the design world over the summer.  I’m not sure the autumn/winter features will be quite as relevant to design here, so I have been compulsively sponging up all the ideas and info I could.
Anyway, I mentioned my unfortunate Day of the Big Paddy a couple of weeks ago and thought I would post some pics of one of the articles that succeeded in cheering me up that rubbish afternoon…  House Beautiful did a feature on the most GORGEOUS beach house I’ve ever set eyes on.  The owner/designer, Carolyn Espley-Miller, seems to have taken a slightly different approach to the usual fishing boats/lighthouses/starfish décor and upped the sophistication level of her particular beach house.
I really love the use here of dainty traditional furniture, the old-school wall sconce and natural wicker/jute accents, with the modern large scale mirror.
The bright white slipcovered chairs provide the perfect counterbalance to the dark coffee table/chest, and the open stonework fireplace.  Oh, I did just spot the starfish on the mantel, haha – ok so she used one, I guess I’ll let her get away with it.

The kitchen is a perfect mix of bright happy white with pops of accent colours, and I love the original hearth feature.

The entranceway and ‘between spaces’ are beautifully decorated with a mixture of natural finishes, nautical stripes and interesting vignettes.

I absolutely LOVE the bedrooms.  I think the article said the headboard in the blue room is an old barn door – absolute genius, and the colour looks incredible next to the wooden beams and flower posies.

The framework of shells combined with the oversize lanterns on the (exquisite!) mantel is pure genius. And this bathroom/terrace combo looks so peaceful and serene – I think I probably wouldn’t leave that tub very often if I lived there!


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