Spot of sunshine for you…?

One of my favourite things about Caribbean design is the huge emphasis on outdoor living there is out here.  The number of terraces, patios and sundecks I have oogled in the last couple of years is frightening.  Have a gander at the pics below and you’ll see what I mean…(apols for the funny formatting – me and photo formatting do not go well together on Monday mornings…):
(photography credits: Coastal Living, Elle Décor, Traditional Home, MACO, Veranda, Lonny)
And check these babies out too…

These shots are of a hotel on the Pacific coast of Mexico called Las Alamandas.  I spent January in Mexico this year and came across this hotel when looking for somewhere fancy (but not this fancy!) to stay to spend a couple of days away from hostals.  I love all the so-bright-they-might-make-your-eyes-pop colours they use as well as the Mexican influences.  I would like to go here one day.  Please.  Pretty please…?

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