Idyllic island retreat

I was flicking through my copy of Architectural Digest the other day, when I was totally floored by this article featuring the holiday home of two members of the Peugeot clan on the Kenyan island of Lamu, designed by E. Claudio Modola.  I LOVE the exterior of the property – all those different levels and terraces to play with.  Not so much the slightly frightening looking client, although I’m sure she’s lovely…

The element of this property that really grabbed me though, were the various ‘barazas’ incorporated into the design, basically ‘areas designed to sit in and chat’.  What a fantastic concept, just sitting out with your nearest and dearest in the balmy air, cocktail in hand, in areas specifically designated as ‘chatting zones’.  Plus I (predictably) love the colourful Indian textiles used.

And check out these gorgeously exotic bedrooms, I love the use of floaty mosquito netting paired with the carved wood detail.

And this dining scene just looks idyllic.

Ok, Lamu has officially been added near the top of Elly’s Travelling Wish List.  I’d like to check out these barazas, I wonder how Mr and Mrs Peugeot would react to a random house call…

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