Cartagena calling…

Carrying on the theme of Veranda, I was really inspired by a property they featured in Cartagena, Columbia, designed by Alberto Bruckhardt.  I was actually pretty surprised at myself about this pick as although I am pretty much obsessed with all things Latin American, I don’t usually ever ever opt for a minimalist look (as anyone who has ever visited our places in London or Cayman will testify…) as I think there are just so many ways to play around with textures, patterns and objects to create a space that is totally unique to the specific client. 
I don’t know if it’s the fact that the swimming pool seems to flow through the entire house (pretty amazing), if it’s because of the contrast between the traditional colonial exterior and the modern twist of the interior, or if I’m just becoming more sensible in my old age (hope not), but I do like this house!

And how’s this for a view?!  One way ticket to Cartagena?  Yes please.

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