Decisions decisions…

I was flicking through some of the Elle Décor online content the other day, when I came across this ‘Rustic Kitchens’ feature.  This set in motion one big whopper of a ‘Oh, I miss Europe and the countryside, I wish we would go home and (somehow be able to afford to) buy a nice city townhouse there, but oh I also love the outdoor living here in the Caribbean, and what about cool modernist architecture and interiors in Hong Kong and Singapore, and oh yeh, I also really love Bali-esque design and also Spain was really incredible with all the azulejos tilework and blah di blah di blah blah…’ – you get the picture.  The reality is I don’t think we’re going to be settled-down-with-property-purchased for quite a while!  But that’s a good thing most of the time, the one exception being when I see a magazine feature like this and get thrown into a whirlwind of nesting syndrome (as my Mum calls it…). 
Anyway, here are the culprits, enjoy!



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