Flowers Friday is born

Firstly, HAPPY FRIDAY!  You did it, nearly at the end of the week!

This smiley image made me want to post more flower pics, such as…

Ali tagged me in this pic on FB a while ago, of a huge arrangement in the lobby of his old office – could anyone walk past this display and not end up with a huge goofy grin on their face?!  Even at 7am and in London in the middle of winter?  I think not! 
Seriously, seeing just one single stem of this bright happy flower makes me smile.  I used to work near Shad Thames in London where there was a really fantastic florist along one of the old cobbled streets running alongside the Thames – one time I was walking past and saw a cute and tiny little girl come out of the florist holding her Mum’s hand, and pleased as punch with the tiny orange baby gerbera she’d been given by the florist.  It made me smile, thought I’d share it.  Oh nooooo, you have to be kidding me!  I just tried to find the flower shop to post a pic of its lovely window display but apparently it has been closed down by the council after someone tripped over one of its displays.  That is CRAZY!  People should just flipping look where they are walking!  Oh that’s made me really cross…ok, focus.
Erm, so as I’ve mentioned before, I am a keeno-yet-incompetent gardener and I’ve been thinking I might channel this interest into some form of regular ‘Flowers Friday’ post, ranging from the qualities of the almighty gerbera (more later) to ideas for gardens (most likely emailed over from my Mum, so that I’m not responsible for mass plant-icide), to things like planting herb gardens etc.  Would people be interested in that?  I figure everyone has some room in their life for some gorgeous flower vignettes, no…?  Let me know, I’m interested in your opinions folks!
I can think of no other flower that deserves the honour of being featured in the first Flowers Friday, than the mighty gerbera.  Not the most exciting name I’ll admit, but they are officially le fav flower by a mile.  Right, down to business as I know you must be dying to hear some fun factoids…  The gerbera is a member of the sunflower family, and there are up to 30 species all around the world.  It is also the fifth most used cut flower – huh, not just me that likes them then.  Also, my Mum-the-Queen-of-Gardening says they like lots of sunshine, which would explain why all the ones I tried to grow in England died…not just my fault.  So there you go, next week’s Flowers Friday will have more thought put into it than just Wikipedia referencing, promise…!
Anyway, enjoy the pics and have a happy weekend!

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