Love love love…

I have officially fallen in love with Madeline Weinrib’s fabric collection.  I kept seeing this advert while flicking through design magazines and it kept making me screech to a halt and gaze at the ikat and suzani prints in total awe.  Last night I finally got around to checking out the collection online.

I’ve realised in the last few years that I seem to have some kind of addiction to hoarding rugs, blankets, pillows and all kinds of other textiles in interesting colours and patterns from faraway places on my travels and this collection would very much qualify (apart from the fact that it’s not actually from a faraway place!).
These rugs are just gorgeous – would look great paired with dark wooden floorboards and a wooden contemporary console in an entrance way.

And I want to buy at least one of every single ikat and suzani print on the website!

And that was the edited down version of my choice of fabrics!!  They also have gorgeous vintage and antique textiles, like these amazing suzanis…

…and some gooorgeous upholstered furniture.

My credit cards have run away squealing – wow, it’s lucky I don’t live in New York or I would not be able to afford to eat for the rest of the year…  One to store away for future reference methinks!

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