Happy Friday everyone!

You’ve nearly done it, only 7.5 hours to go until the weekend, yeeha. 
I came across these bonkers BEAUTIFUL gardens last night, flicking through some old magazines, and wanted to brighten up your morning with them. 

Haha, this title pretty much sums up my life right now…

  (photography credits: Elle Décor, Traditional Home and MACO)
I will be a very happy green-fingered gardener if, one day when I’m all grown up (I’m unsure as to exactly when this transformation will occur), I’m able to create something even a tenth as lovely as these gardens.  I come from a long line of farmers in the north of England and, although the desire and effort are 110% present, I just don’t seem to be able to keep things alive for very long…  Saying that though, check out my chilli/avocado tree (can’t remember which one is which, it’s going to be a case of guess-the-vegetable…) – he is growing his butt off, I’ll keep you updated as I’m a smidge over-excited about it.  Here’s a pic of our terrace too, complete with Caribbean sea in the background (sorry, that last bit was aimed at getting more visitors over from back home – come on peeps, let’s get booking, we have a couple of free months going!).

  Have a great weekend!

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