Round 1: crazy-colourful vs. dreamy-calm

Good morning all 10 readers I have!  Yes, we have hit the number 10 ladies and gentlemen, which honestly is 8 more than I ever expected to have.
So I came across this vignette on Elle Décor yesterday, which stopped me in my tracks:

What do you think?  Too colourful?!  I love both Moroccan-inspired design and hot pink, but I’m not sure I could live in it every day…  I have to say when it comes to décor, I do seem to always veer to the so-colourful-you’ll-need-sunglasses camp, much to Alistair’s distress.  Although there is an awful lot to be said for coming home to a calm and serene home after a crazy day at work.  I love these vignettes from Traditional Home, of a Hamptons pool house designed by Skye Kirby.

I also thought the words of advice from Skye were relevant to Caribbean style design.  She talks about the elements needed for peaceful ‘body and soul’ rooms, including using soft colours (heathery greys, blues, golds and whites), incorporating plenty of comfortable seating and ottomans, using books, throws and candles, and always carving out a ‘creative space’, for whatever your personal creative outlet is.  Oh, and making sure the room is clutter free….hope Ali isn’t reading this post! 

A lot of the furnishings used are from the Lillian August for Hickory White collection, couple of pics below.

Lillian August also have some gorgeous products of their own, I especially love the Cottage and Zanzibar collections (ha, which conveniently also suits the title of this post – split personality?  Moi…?).


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