Get in my living room, chop chop!

I’m sort of stuck in a limbo zone out here in Cayman in terms of design showrooms.  I get the UK and US design magazines, but all of the showrooms and articles of furniture etc featured, are all either in said UK or US.  So I have the tricky dilemma of only being able to get a grasp of what’s available out there via the internet and mags, rather than in person, face to face with the relevant item.  There is however one amazingly gorgeous showroom here on island, the International Design Group, that I have been drooling over since I set foot in there a few months ago.  I personally believe that a few items of their stock should shift themselves immediately to live in our condo but I’m not precisely sure how to achieve this given my non-existent salary…I can dream though!
Anyway, all I know are the designers that they stock, I can’t guarantee that these specific items are on island (trying to keep myself out of trouble here…), but they definitely should be if you ask me because they would all absolutely perfect for island living.

 (Furnishings by Dedon, Cisco Brothers, Vanguard and Century).


  1. Alistair says:

    Well we’d have to make room for them by removing some of the things you made us lug out to Cayman from Mexico, London, India, Malaysia….

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