Botanical beauties

So I’m designing a guest bedroom for a client back in Blighty right now, in a traditional-with-a-bit-of-a-giant-twist style.  For artwork we’re incorporating a bunch of antique botanical prints that have been in their family for years, and we’ll pull out the room’s palette from the accent colours in the prints.

40. client inspiration artwork uk interior design traditional with a twist

It’s not exactly a new trend I am aware, but I’ve been loving these pieces for a while now.  Here are a few inspo shots to whet your appetite – I am LOVING this first one on the RHS with the bling frames, divine:

interior design botanical prints www.ellymacdonalddesign.com1

interior design botanical prints www.ellymacdonalddesign.com2

interior design botanical prints www.ellymacdonalddesign.com3

interior design botanical prints www.ellymacdonalddesign.com4

interior design botanical prints www.ellymacdonalddesign.com5

interior design botanical prints www.ellymacdonalddesign.com6

interior design botanical prints www.ellymacdonalddesign.com7



Review: Wapa di Ume Ubud

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in Bali lately, for a lil bit of work and a lil bit of play.  Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort & Spa were kind enough to accommodate me on my latest trip and I spent an afternoon enjoying their unbelievably well-designed villas, peaceful grounds and lush paddy field views.

Feast your peepers on these beautiful interiors (this is one of their Family Villas):

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com1

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com2

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com3

You know how I feel about an outdoor shower – big thumbs up!

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com4

And pool views don’t get much more relaxing than this:

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com5

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com6

Everyone I encountered who worked there was absolutely delightful, friendly and could not have been more helpful and attentive.

We actually stayed at this resort for a few nights on our honeymoon a couple of years back now (1 / 2 / 3), and I can confirm that the level of service and accommodations has not dropped in the slightest.

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com8

And the grounds are divine – I did not know so many shades of green existed until I went to Ubud for the first time:

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com9

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com10

I was very spoilt and treated to the chef’s specialty of whole roasted duck at the end of the day in their terrace restaurant (which was unbelievably good, this pic does not do it justice remotely – possibly the best meal I’ve ever had in Bali), and the fresh breakfasts served on the private villa terraces are yum also (pic from our honeymoon stay).

The restaurant also has lovely views out over the paddy fields and is especially gorgeous at dusk as the stars begin to come out.

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com11

And check out these gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS all natural finishes used in the villa design – you know how I feel about getting me an eyeful of all natural finishes.

Wapa di Ume Ubud Resort and Spa - www.caribbeanlivingblog.com7

{ALL credits: Elly MacDonald Design}


They also have a full spa and lovely meditation room, and a complimentary shuttle into the centre of Ubud town.  If you ever find yourselves in Bali loves, make sure you look these guys up, they are highly highly recommended.

Life update

That sounds a little drama-rama, doesn’t it?  I guess it’s more of a ‘career update’ really.  I’m sorry for the long absence loves – I have been busy formulating a Plan B and Plan C as frustratingly I’ve been having some troubles getting permission to work here in Singas.

I have so loved living abroad over the last five or so years.  We can’t get enough of all the amazing new sights and fascinating new cultures and bizarre-yet-weirdly-wonderful details of everyday life we notice – dealing with the immigration rules of each country we’ve lived in however is not one of them, I can tell you that for free.

More info on said alternative plans soon (ooooh cryptic) but here’s a little of what I’ve been up to in the meantime, it’s been a busy few months.

1. ochre light fitting maison et objet singapore 2014 www.caribbeanlivingblog 2. final commercial project klc school of design rendering 3. final commercial project klc school of design 4. singapore rainforest baby monkey 5. dinner with friends singapore 6. singapore colonial shophouses 7. singapore hotpot 8. logo design Elly MacDonald Design 9. singapore skyline sunset from marina bay sands 10. bike ride california 11. california redwoods 12. little one in california

^ Just to be clear, only the big one belongs to me…

13. oyster farm california tabascooooo 14. peony season san francisco 15. rock climbing california rainbow ropes 16. san francisco in the sunshine golden gate bridge 17. south african braai in california 18. sunset beach california

19. klc school of design certificate qualified interior designer! 19.5. gallery wall interior design technical drawing singapore

20. buddha army in bali 21. bali bukit peninsula sea view 22. wooden statues bali sourcing 24. bali buddha bougainvillea 25. bali ubud photo shoot 26. bali sourcing carved wooden doors hide my wallet now… 31. sunset over rooftops singapore 32. shophouse kitchen interior design plan singapore 33. shophouse interior design concept singapore www.caribbeanlivingblog 38. blog redesign 39. delectable parquet singapore interior design 40. client inspiration artwork uk interior design traditional with a twist

{credits: moi}

What’s new with you, loves?  I’ve been missing you all like nobody’s business!

Excuses and beach houses

Crikey people, what a Bad Bad Blogger I have been.  I’m sorry for the long absence from this little corner of t’internet, I have been sprinting around Singapore for the last three weeks setting up the biz.  I know I know, everyone in the entire world is super busy, but I’ve literally been feeling like my brain is on the verge of popping – visas and entity structures and insurance and office leases and logos and branding and stationery and websites and trademarks and bank accounts all need to be considered in detail.  And I’ve let the bloggy slide as a result.

So there’s my excuse, now here’s my way of making it up to you.

Msambweni Beach House is a boutique hotel on the coast of Kenya, and it is also one of the most gorgeously designed places I have ever seen.  Some (very lucky) people I know have a trip booked to this delectable hotel, and I am oh so very envious!

Check out these pics and tell me your jaw is not on the floor – it’s chocca jam-packed with carved and white-washed wood, floaty canopy beds and romantic candlelight.  YUM.

msambweni beach house1 msambweni beach house2 msambweni beach house3 msambweni beach house4

msambweni beach house5

msambweni beach house6 msambweni beach house7 msambweni beach house8 msambweni beach house9 msambweni beach house10 msambweni beach house11 msambweni beach house12.5 msambweni beach house12 msambweni beach house13 msambweni beach house14 msambweni beach house15 msambweni beach house16


So what say you loves…?  Do you forgive me?!

Home redesign – roof terrace – the inspo

Morning loves, how are we doing?  I thought this morning I’d look at the redesign of our roof terrace here in Singapore.

I’ve had a minor (major) hiccup in that while we were back home in Blighty for three weeks over Crimbo during RAINY SEASON here in Singapore, it seemingly rained twice.  Or maybe just once.  Soooo much plant-death on a massive scale, a plant massacre if you will.  So I am currently nursing the stocky survivors back to health but it’ll be a little while before my green vine-y friends will be ready to be paparazzied, but their turn in the spotlight will come eventually.

Anyhoo, so here’s the roof terrace when we moved in:


terrace before

And here’s more what I’m after – a sprinking of Balinese, a touch of Moroccan and lots of lovely greenies…

roof terrace inspiration pic2 roof terrace inspiration pic3 roof terrace inspiration pic4 roof terrace inspiration pic1
terrace redesign1terrace redesign2

Monday’s Masterpiece – quirky and fun with a knack for accessorising…

Hi loves!

Here’s one I made earlier – we’re on hols until tomorrow, but thought I would keep up the dose of Monday goodness with some of Kishani Perera’s gorgeous and colourful designs.

I first came across her work when she was featured in Lonny a while back, with the home of actress Rachel Bilson.  It’s a lighthearted and fun home full of fab accents and more than a few ikats.

kishani perera lonny1 kishani perera lonny2 kishani perera lonny3 kishani perera lonny4 kishani perera lonny5 kishani perera lonny6


Cute, non?

And here are few more of my faves from her portfolio.  She really runs the gamut from moody and sophisticated, through to bright and whimsical.  LOVE.

kishani perera1 kishani perera2 kishani perera3 kishani perera4 kishani perera5 kishani perera6 kishani perera7 kishani perera8



Happy Chinese New Year

Or…Gong Xi Fa Cai if you want to get all Mandarin-y on me.



It’s the year of the horse in 2014 and you should see the incredible lanterns in China Town here in Singers, these pics don’t really do them justice:

singapore chinese new year1 singapore chinese new year2


I thought in honour of this weekend’s celebrations I would have a look at my fave Chinese/Asian-inspired interiors.  I’m still loving all the medicine cabinets I can get my greedy peepers on, as well as the foo-foos and Chinese wedding cabinets.

chinese furniture interior design1chinese furniture interior design2 chinese furniture interior design3

chinese furniture interior design4chinese furniture interior design5 chinese furniture interior design6 chinese furniture interior design7


And see here and here for sourcing…

We’re off to Myanmar for the long weekend, full travel report to follow!

Have a happy weekend folks.

Monday’s Masterpiece – a Windsor recap

So I first discovered the gorgeous interiors created by Windsor Smith back in 2011, but I thought today I would take a little look at what she has been up to since then.  Well I probably don’t need to tell you that she’s been a busy lady.

A couple of these images are repeats but my gawd they’re the bee’s knees.

Starting with an actual decent photo of the insaaaaane farmhouse sink that I’ve been thinking about on and off since posting it back in July last year…  I should have known this was her doing!


Yum. Yum. Yum.  I would so love to pair one of these with matt brass fittings and dark cabinetry, swoony swoony swoon swoon.

A classic example of her skill at mixing old and new…


…and a typical bohemian look, LOVE!


This unusual window treatment is pretty beautiful, kinda like an updated version of the festoon blind:


Double zebra on parquet…what’s not to love?!


And I think this is still my fave of the bunch – it’s all about the elegant indigo curtains, zebra upholstery and Moroccan side table:


Still love this vignette on the LHS after all these years!





This eclectic living space + Serge Mouille light are from the House of Windsor show house back in 2011:


And lastly I’m love love loving these Chippendale chairs, especially paired with the upholstery – hmm, I smell a Design Classic post coming your way:



Design classic (37) – the Wassily chair

So the caramel leather Wassily chair that I posted up last week made me want to take a closer look at this little Modernist gem.

Designed by (this ‘ere bloke below) Marcel Breuer in 1926, and made from tubular steel and leather, it is an iconic piece from the Bauhaus School and is still massively in demand today (Knoll flog the authentic puppies, but as ever there are also many repro versions available).

interior design wassily chair1

I haven’t been able to find too many examples that fill me with glee, but here are the few I’ve rounded up – the caramel is my fave.  Obvs.

interior design wassily chair2

Loving it here juxtaposed against the traditional mouldings:

interior design wassily chair3 interior design wassily chair4

And it provides the perfect contemporary kick to this eclectic living room:

interior design wassily chair5

More yummy caramel!

interior design wassily chair6


So what do you think of this slinky number?  Is it your cup of tea…?

Have a happy weekend!